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Very excited to be welcoming our newest

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Very excited to be welcoming our newest Regional Owner from Southern Alameda County, CA at Training this week:
Kym Gentry Peck is a senior fitness specialist who has been working in the the fitness industry with older adults for 15 years. Her main goal in working with clients and students is to help them meet their lifestyle and fitness goals in a healthy, safe and fun environment. Kym’s primary focus is working with clients with special needs and varied fitness capabilities. She enjoys working with active older adults facing a wide range of challenges from balance deficits to arthritis to Parkinson’s and more, and always strives to help people achieve their personal best from a fitness perspective. Kym focuses on helping people to gain and sustain overall health and wellness, with a particular focus on body-mind consciousness. She encourages her clients to incorporate self-awareness, mindful breathing techniques and attention to proper form into their exercise and daily living.


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