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The Spin class went reasonably well.  Granted, it was a different type of cardio workout than the running had been, so it wasn’t easy, by any means!  And muscles I didn’t even know existed hurt for a week afterward.  But, it didn’t irritate my hip injury, and it allowed me to keep up my conditioning without completely quitting all exercise.  In the past, if I got an injury, I would stop all physical activity until it healed, and then go back through the painful process of starting all over again in 6-8 weeks, or however long it took.  It never even occurred to me to simply switch activities!

For those of you who have done Spin classes in the past – I am sure you can relate to the next chapter.  After about a week straight of Spin, I was bored out of my mind with the class.  And all around me, I noticed other people showing up for other types of classes – cardio, group strength, kickboxing, Zumba.  If Spin didn’t kill me, maybe I could try a different class too?  After all – a lot of the people I saw going into the classes did not look like they were elite athletes, by any means – so if they could do it, it seemed reasonable to assume that I could as well.

My next class was a group strength class called BodyPump.  We had to use bars and plates and I thought I would die.  But – I didn’t.  I couldn’t sit down for almost a week, but I survived to return again the next week.

I started to talk to the other people in the Spin and BodyPump classes and ask them what their favorite classes were.  And then I would try that class. I would think I was going to die the first time, but of course, I always survived.  So that’s how I came to be brave enough to try just about any class on the group fitness schedule.  As I became more adventurous,  I noticed that I could go back to running a 5-10 miles per week without injury.  In this matter, I have kept myself motivated and interested in continuing to attend group fitness classes.  I don’t do the same type of class everyday.  I take turns running outside or riding my bike when the weather allows, and I have even gotten brave enough to try a boxing class or two.  The variety helps me to stay active and interested in fitness.  For me, it has also helped me to prevent overuse injuries.

The moral of the story is, keep trying new things to stay interested.


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