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From the Aging Marketing Director (3)

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My definition of “integrity” is living my life according to the values I say I hold.  So, as a Marketing Director for a company like Live 2 B Healthy®, I have to be very careful of sharing my opinions on health and wellness, rather than my experience with health and wellness.  I don’t ever want to tell you you “should” do something to maintain your health and fitness.  We get advice, daily, hourly, even moment-by-moment via social media telling us what we “should” or “should not” do.  Its all a bunch of noise – and does anybody really do anything simply because someone tells them they “should”?  Ugh!

I was participating in a group fitness class one day last week, and I overhead the instructor (who was about my age and quite clearly not in peak physical condition) commenting to another gym member who was not in our class ‘think I should make them jump rope until half of them [throw up] to see who really wants to be in class?’.  I wanted nothing more than to turn to him and say – ‘only if you care to join us’.

Does that make me a bad person that I have those thoughts?  Maybe – but I think if you are going to talk the talk, you better be walking the walk as you are gabbing, because no one wants to hear your “untested advice”.

Long story short, as the Marketing Director for L2BH, I work really hard to maintain my physical fitness.  I eat healthy, I don’t put harmful things into my body and I try to keep the need for pharmaceutical intervention to a minimum by changing my habits before I resort to treating my symptoms.

Look – I promised you when I started this blog series that how I thought of this theme was part of the story – and I actually am working my way towards that – believe it or not!



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