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Something happened when I hit 50 this year.  Maybe it’s partially due to the fact that I am self-reflective by nature?  Or maybe it really is a symptom of gaining a new decade?  But daily I notice small signs of change, both physically and emotionally.  Although truth be told, my teenage children would probably get a laugh out of the very idea that I refer to these as “small” changes.  Things like the part in my hair grows wider each day, and by the end of 4 weeks now, I can tell my appointment with my hairstylist is approaching without looking at my calendar.  Things like having to get up from my desk at work and go for a walk to relieve a cramp in my leg.  Needing to enlarge the type face on my e-reader.  Subtle things, yes, but certainly signs that even though I like the saying “50 is the new 30”, it’s probably not entirely truthful.

Part of the reason I notice these things also has to do with the industry I am in (fitness) and the company I work for (Live 2 B Healthy®).  Day in and day out, I think about, write about and communicate with people who are working hard to make the lives of senior citizens in our lives more productive and healthy longer.  I am so thankful to be reaching the age of 50 at a time when we as a society are realizing that we have to stay active if we want to not just live longer, but contribute to society for longer.

Starting to plan for our health in our senior years is every bit as necessary and important as saving for retirement.  How often have we heard the ad campaigns encouraging us to save more and spend less so we have a financially healthy retirement and beyond?  I think I can speak for a growing number of people my age in saying we have always been active and there is no reason why that should change as we age.  Sure, we may have to slow down some, but darn it – just because it’s getting harder doesn’t mean I should quit!  I may have to make some adjustments as I go along, but I refuse to trade in my running shoes for a card table set!


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