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As the “author” of all the blog posts on the Live 2 B Healthy® Blog (although, I am happy to accept submissions if you would like to share them!), I will freely admit to having struggled with topics.  On one hand, Wellness and Fitness is a very scientific field and the data lends itself so nicely to reports and statistics.  For someone with a degree in medicine or fitness, decimating the data we at Live 2 B Healthy® collect on a yearly basis – increased flexibility, strength, balance, reduced falls, increased community occupation rates and reduced turn-over rates – would be a joy, I am certain.

But that’s not me.  And by me, I mean Kelly Nygard, Live 2 B Healthy® Marketing Director.  So, I struggle.  There are lots of fun and interesting data, funny cartoons, inspiring quotations, healthy recipes to share.  And I do share those, both on our Blog and on our various local and national social media outlets. I have been feeling that there is an opportunity being missed on our Blog pages, however.  An opportunity to share something both meaningful and unique.  This morning, an idea came to me.  How and when it came to me is actually part of the story, so you can watch for it over the next several posts.

What I realized this morning, mere months after “celebrating” my 50th birthday, is that, while I am not yet a senior citizen (and no, AARP, I do not want you to send me another cleverly-disguised membership card “opportunity”), to say that I am beginning on the second half of my life journey might just be a bit of wishful thinking.  As a 50 year old Marketing Director for a national fitness company that specializes in bringing on-site fitness classes to senior communities, I actually might have some valuable insights of my own to share.  Granted, my personality is more creative than logical.  I most likely won’t be sharing actual data – although I am more than happy to locate it for you and pass it along.  I can share what it feels like to be 50 in a country that values youth over all else.  Especially a woman over 50 in a culture that defines women by their appearance.

So, let’s just see how this goes, shall we?  I will share some hard-won experience in regards to health and fitness on the other side of 50.  At the very least, my parents should be proud that their daughter is – finally – putting that expensive B.A. in English to use!


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