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If you’re older and you know it lift so

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If you’re older and you know it lift some weights!
You may think that a quick shuffle around the retirement
community is enough to keep your health in check during your Golden Years, but not so, according to a recent study. Apparently one of the biggest factors for longer life is the amount of muscle mass you have.
More than 3,000 recently deceased people, age 55 or older for the men when they died and 65 or older for the women, were studied over a 6-year period .
Those with significant muscle mass died later than those without much muscle, the study found. The findings, published in the American Journal of Medicine, also indicate that the popular measurement of health Body Mass Index (BMI), may not be enough when it comes to predicting long-term health.

From an article By Dr. Chris Tomshack, D.C.


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