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Idea # 2 on How to Become an Exercise Ad

Idea # 2 on How to Become an Exercise Addict:
Once you have set your alarm, lay out your workout clothes and any gear you need so you are ready to go when the alarm goes off. Again, less reason for an excuse if you actually know where your running shoes are!


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Want to Eat Healthier? Avoid produce bur

Want to Eat Healthier?
Avoid produce burn-out by searching out Brussels sprouts in January. These wonderful vegetables are high in vitamins A and C, iron, potassium and fiber. When purchasing, search out firm, odorless, compact, golf-ball size sprouts with unwithered green leaves.
A great way to eat Brussels sprouts is to cut in half, drizzle with olive oil and saute’ lightly. I have recently found sliced Brussels Sprouts already prepared in some of my local Target stores. I add these to all my salads for an added nutritional kick

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Can You Become an Exercise Addict? We al

Can You Become an Exercise Addict?
We all know people in our lives who never miss a day at the gym or can’t stop talking about their next marathon. Rather than declaring your hatred of them, why not consider joining them in their addiction? Follow us for tips over the next month on how you , too, can become an Exercise Addict!
1. Go set your alarm – right now! Set your alarm the night before for an early morning workout. Studies show that those who exercise first thing in the morning tend to stick with it. Probably because little emergencies don’t pop up like the tend to later in the day, which tend to give us an excuse to skip the workout.