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Sometimes the smallest thing can derail

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Sometimes the smallest thing can derail healthy eating or sidetrack your diet plan. For most people, it’s those nasty sugar cravings. They sneak up on you, consume your thoughts, call to you at the strangest hours and then the next thing you know you’re into your fourth piece of dark salted caramels!

Here are some suggestions to beat your sugar cravings…

– For a week just simply track. Don’t worry about right or wrong, just make notes. Get to know your triggers so you can find ways around them or at the very least be aware when they happen.

– Out of site is not out of mind, but it is out of temptation. Avoid keeping the sugary things your crave most in your house and at your office.

– On that same note, if you already have sugary foods near you, toss it! – Yes, throw it away. Nibbling on corners of left-over cheesecake because it’s ‘not really a whole piece’, would be fooling yourself. Get rid of the temptation.

– Eat healthy foods that settle your cravings. For instance: peanut butter, avocados, or flax. Try to figure out the root of the craving.

– What is your breaking point? You have to know what your limit. Can you resist ice cream after just one scoop? Is just a bite enough to say “I tried it”? Or, can you not resist even the smallest bite?

Remember the more consecutive days without sugar you can go, the less likely you will be to fall off the wagon and the easier it will be to get back on when you do.


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