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Though there’s likely no stopping the ur

Though there’s likely no stopping the urge to wake up early on Christmas morning, getting enough sleep can help shave off some pounds, since sleep loss is linked to changes in appetite . Getting enough sleep has also been associated with less weight gain, so don’t be tempted to skimp on shut-eye during this busy season!


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Thank you to the residents of Chateau II

Thank you to the residents of Chateau III of Pleasant Hill, CA for this wonderful unsolicited testimonial!
We who live at Chateau III wish to acknowledge your efforts to
provide an exercise program appropriate for people of our age.
Our two superb instructors, Aria and Austin, have always been
extremely helpful in showing us the great benefits of proper
exercise for older people. There is no question that what Aria
and Austin do for us helps to give us a better and more healthy
life. Aria and Austin are terrific. They are consistency upbeat,
helpful, and professional. These gentlemen are skilled in
meeting the needs of so many different people.
This is the time of Thanksgiving, a special American holiday
which reminds all of us of the debt of gratitude we owe to so
many others. We, the undersigned residents of Chateau III,
thank you for creating and bringing this program to us.

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Speaking of emotional eating, I listened

Speaking of emotional eating, I listened to the most interesting audiobook by Deepak Chopra a few months ago in the car. It both re-enforced some things I was doing right, and gave me a deeper understanding of areas in my life I could work on changing so I could give up emotional eating for good! I would recommend in to anyone who has ever experienced issues around food. Check it out if you have some windshield time: