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Take Your Workout With You If you have t

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Take Your Workout With You
If you have travel plans for Labor Day weekend, don’t leave your fitness routine behind. While vacations may be a time to take a break from the daily grind, those who give up their exercise regimen during their vacation often find it very difficult to get back into the routine once they return home. Avoid a motivation slump by maintaining your healthy habits when you hit the road.

The best way to set yourself up for successfully maintaining your fitness routine while traveling is to prepare for success before leaving. Find out if your hotel has a fitness center and what type of equipment they have (wouldn’t it be awesome if they offered a Live 2 B Healthy fitness class at your hotel every morning??). Once you know what is available, devise a routine and stick with it.

What if your destination is gym-free? You may need to be a bit more creative. If you work with a trainer at home, ask them to devise a workout that you can do in your hotel room or a local park. If you are a runner, there are apps available on your Smartphone (such as where you can find recommended running route worldwide.

If all else fails, schedule a brisk walk to explore the neighborhood around your hotel every day. Whatever you do, don’t take it so easy on your travels that you can’t get back into your fitness routine when you return home!


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