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Those plateaus you hit during weight loss plans can be so frustrating. I recently got some really good advice from a good friend who told me that if you are doing everything you should be doing, and you get stuck at a plateau for a few weeks, that is when most people give up. But, if you don’t give up and push through it, you will be rewarded. I have found this to be true in my case. Although, sometimes I wonder if I might not be able to push things along a bit. That’s why I found these pointers from Muscle & Fitness to be intriguing. If you have any other pointers, please share them with us in our comments section.
1. The first meal of the day should be solid protein. Protein raises acetylcholine, which activates muscles and the central nervous system.

2. Cut down on carbohydrates as much as possible for about two weeks to force your body into utilizing fat as energy. The only source of carbs you should have for those two weeks should be greens. Eliminate all fruits.

3. To maximize the results of your workouts, put a priority on your post-workout shake and recuperation. The faster the muscle replenishes, the faster the soreness goes away and harder you can hit the gym after. Add 20 grams of glutamine and 3 to 5 grams of glycine to the mix to your post-workout shake. Glutamine is a gut health builder and accelerates lean muscle gains. It rebuilds your gut flora, increasing nutrient absorption and building a strong immune system. Since cortisol is very high after those big workouts and very catabolic, glycine will help bring it down. Start with 3 grams and work your way up to 5-10 grams.

4. This was my least favorite recommendation – take out the late night snack. Those who eat prior to bed have a harder time losing the last few pounds. Regeneration and repair happens while you sleep and your liver needs the rest from the non-stop insulin production and blood filtration that happens during the day. Increase your fat intake for your dinner to slow down digestion and keep your blood sugar level so you won’t be starving before bed.

5. Go to bed between 10 or 11 PM. Research has shown that sleep is one of the major habits to prioritize when you try to lose weight. The rule of thumb is to be sleeping by 10 PM and to get up around 7 AM. Aim for a solid 7-8 hours of sleep per night.


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