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Stretch it Out!

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At Live 2 B Healthy, we know that stretching is vital to every workout.  Your certified personal trainer will always guide you through stretching exercises before and after your workout.  But, don’t forget to stretch on your own as well!

Stretching can help increase your overall flexibility, but it may also help improve your posture, manage pain caused by tight muscles and help you stay balanced. Since muscles come in pairs that ideally counterbalance each other, stretching and strengthening the muscles opposite the ones that always seem tight might help. If you have a sore back, for example, overdeveloped chest muscles or underused back muscles may be to blame.

One of the best reasons to stretch is to help prevent injuries. Stretching increases a joint’s range of motion thereby reducing the likelihood of both  pulling a muscle due to overexertion and the potential to lose balance.

Experts suggest taking 10 minutes before your workout to do a mix of stretches as a warm-up.  Then, after your workout, counterbalance the muscles you used with a short cool-down. For example, if you did a bunch of squats (which work the quadriceps on the front of your thigh), be sure to stretch your hamstrings (back of your thigh).

For more information on the stretching exercises we use in our classes, attend a Live 2 B Healthy class in your community, talk to a Live 2 B Healthy owner or trainer, or login to our Trainer website (credentials required).


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