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New Study Suggests That We Could Improve Care Available for Alzheimer’s Patients

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Anytime I hear an interview with Cathy Wurzer from Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), I know I am going to learn something new.  This interview with  Dr. Robert Kane, chair in long-term care and aging at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health talks a bit about  the non-medical side of Alzheimer’s research.  A new report from the University of Minnesota suggests care communities need to undergo a culture shift in the way they assess and care for Alzheimer’s patients.

Alongside that report this week, is separate research showing family caregivers can help keep Alzheimer’s patients at home longer if they receive specific targeted support.

For more on the non-medical side of Alzheimer’s research, read an edited transcript of the interview, or listen to the actual interview (which is just under 5 minutes long) on


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