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6 Beneficial Carbs to Add Into Your Diet

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Our bodies and our brains need carbohydrates to work effectively. But not all carbohydrates are equal. Some, like white breads and starchy sweets, offer little to no nutrition; others, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains, are packed with goodness. Here are 6 healthy carbs to include in riceyour diet:

Whole-wheat pasta. Because sometimes you just need pasta—and whole-wheat kinds offer two to three times more fiber than refined white varieties, but they’re just as versatile and delicious. (Similarly whole-wheat bread and brown rice are healthier choices than their “white” counterparts.)

Quinoa: A delicately flavored whole grain, quinoa provides some fiber (about 2 grams per half cup) and a good amount of protein (4 grams). Rinsing quinoa removes any residue of saponin, its bitter natural protective coating.

Barley is available “pearled” (the bran has been removed) or “quick-cooking” (parboiled). While both contain soluble fiber that may help keep blood cholesterol levels healthy, pearl barley has a little more. (Note: barley is not technically classified as a whole grain but it’s often considered one nutritionally because of its healthy nutrient profile.)

Bulgur is cracked wheat that’s been parboiled so it simply needs to soak in hot water for most uses—a perfect low-maintenance grain. It’s also a good source of feel-full fiber: just 1/2 cup delivers about 5 grams.

Wheat berries are whole, unprocessed kernels of wheat. They’re terrific sources of B vitamins, iron, magnesium, zinc and fiber.

Popcorn. Reach for popcorn when you’re craving pretzels or potato chips: it may satisfy a snack craving and it’s a whole grain. Three cups of popped popcorn (what you get by popping 1 heaping tablespoon of kernels) equals one of your three recommended daily servings of whole grains and contains 3 grams of fiber.

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