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Moving Your Training Outdoors in The Spring

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In many areas of the country, the winter months can mean the necessity to take your running routine off the streets and into the basement.  When spring comes around, however, most are bored silly with watching television reruns while running and are anxious to take their running back out onto the open roads.  This past weekend in Minnesota finally hit the high 50’s, which brought us all out of hibernation.  Lots of runners were hitting the streets for the first time in months, after an especially brutal, snowy winter.

2014-03-31_10-14-31Caution is advised while making the transition from treadmill to street.  You need to transition gradually in order to avoid a resulting injury. So start with one or two easy, shorter runs per week outside and build from there.  Alternatively, you can also split runs up—some miles can be completed on the treadmill and the rest outside.

Another reminder, your skin is going to be especially sensitive (read pale and pasty if you are from Minnesota), so don’t go out without the sunscreen, or you will be nursing a sunburn along with sore muscles.


Tomorrow, we will compare/contrast the main differences between treadmill vs. street.



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