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Moving Your Training Outdoors in The Spring

In many areas of the country, the winter months can mean the necessity to take your running routine off the streets and into the basement.  When spring comes around, however, most are bored silly with watching television reruns while running and are anxious to take their running back out onto the open roads.  This past weekend in Minnesota finally hit the high 50’s, which brought us all out of hibernation.  Lots of runners were hitting the streets for the first time in months, after an especially brutal, snowy winter.

2014-03-31_10-14-31Caution is advised while making the transition from treadmill to street.  You need to transition gradually in order to avoid a resulting injury. So start with one or two easy, shorter runs per week outside and build from there.  Alternatively, you can also split runs up—some miles can be completed on the treadmill and the rest outside.

Another reminder, your skin is going to be especially sensitive (read pale and pasty if you are from Minnesota), so don’t go out without the sunscreen, or you will be nursing a sunburn along with sore muscles.


Tomorrow, we will compare/contrast the main differences between treadmill vs. street.



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Facts About Melanoma You NEED to Know!

Actor James Rebhorn, age 65, died of melanoma on March 21, 2014.  He was first diagnosed in 1992, right after he had finished filming his role of George Wilbur in the movie “My Cousin Vinny”.  He went on to play a variety of other notable roles, including Carrie Mathison’s bipolar father in the Showtime hit “Homeland” and the secretary of defense in the 1996 classic “Independence Day,”  after his diagnosis.  His agent reported his death from this deadly form of skin cancer to the New York Times on Monday.

Rebhorn is one of around 9,700 Americans who will die from melanoma this year, according to the American Cancer Society, and the rate of diagnosis for new cases is continuously on the rise, even in children. Here are some facts you should know about this deadly disease:

sun clip artWhat Are the Risk Factors?

One of the most important factors in melanoma risk is exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays.  To reduce the risk, Everyday Health recommends covering up, limiting time in the sun, avoiding tanning beds and always wearing sunscreen.

Additionally, people with a family history of melanoma, or those with fair skin that burns and freckles easily are at a higher risk. Men also have a slightly higher risk, and risk also tends to increase with age. It is recommended that you keep a close eye on your skin, and get regular check-ups, especially if you are in one of the higher risk groups.

What Should I Look Out For?

The American Cancer Society recommends keeping in mind the ABCDE rule for monitoring your skin and checking your moles. The acronym shows all the things to look out for:

A: asymmetrical shape

B: irregular borders

C: different colors

D: a diameter bigger than a pencil eraser

E: evolving shape, color or size.

If you have any of these irregularities, you should see a dermatologist. The American Cancer Society estimates that over 75,000 new melanomas will be diagnosed in 2014.

Information for this article was taken from:  

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Use Laziness to Your Advantage!!

Newton’s Laws of Motion tell us that objects at rest will stay at rest.   I am sure that we can use all sorts of fancy formulas to illustrate this law – but the most obvious illustration to me is my own behavior.  The longer I sit on the sofa, the more effort it takes me to get up off the sofa.  Knowing this about myself, I have developed a winning strategy for healthier eating, based upon my own laziness.  And now, a new study comes out of Saint Bonaventure University in New York suggesting that laziness could be tapped as a tool for healthier eating.  I say – right on!

“There are the little things that we can do to just make our diets healthier, and one of them is the simple idea to just put the healthy foods closer to you and you’ll find you can use your laziness to your advantage,” Gregory Privitera told Reuters Health.  Privitera, a psychology researcher at Saint Bonaventure University in Bonaventure, New York, led the study.

Privitera said he and his coauthor Faris Zuraikat wanted to know whether the type of foods used in such a study made a difference, so they did a similar experiment with healthier foods.  “The short answer is no – we can put healthy foods in and move them closer to a participant and they’ll eat more of that,” Privitera said. 

The takeaway from these studies illustrate what I have long held to be true in my own home.  If I have candy, and ice cream and desserts handy, I will grab those items.  If, however, I would need to get into my car and drive up to the local market to get candy, I will never do it.  I’m just too lazy.

Using the laziness to my advantage, I have developed a fairly successful system for healthier eating.fruit

  1. The easiest way for me to control my diet in the long run is to never go to the grocery store on an empty stomach.  Its a lot easier for me to stock up on healthy food like fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc when I am currently not craving something sweet.
  2. I either purchase already cut up fruits and veges, or cut them up and put them in containers in the refrigerator right when I get home from the store.   That way, when the hunger cravings hit, I reach for what’s most convenient.
  3. If there is occasion where I am “expected” to have snacks around (such as Halloween), I purchase items I am not tempted by.  For instance, my absolute favorites are Mounds or Reeses.  I have NEVER purchased a bag of either for the trick or treaters.  They get Jolly Ranchers or some other type of candy that I am not fond of.
  4. If we have guests and I make dessert, or if my daughter wants to make cookies, I pack up everything leftover the next morning and send it with my husband to the office.  He sets it next to the coffee machines, and the offending items are gone!
  5. I am quite sure my kids think that I am the meanest mom on earth, but I do not purchase any soft drinks to store in our refrigerator.  Again, if we have to go out to the service station to get it, we won’t do it, because we are too lazy.
  6. Society dictates that a “good mom” has snacks around the house, bakes pies and teaches her daughter how to bake cakes and cookies.  I just don’t buy into it.  My kids may end up on the counselor’s sofa for some other reason, but it I don’t think that “my mom never baked cookies for us” is going to live up to intense examination.

Quite simply, I find that when I am up late at night, roaming the house for food I am simply too lazy to get in the car and run out to buy something I shouldn’t eat.  I will either eat a handful of nuts, or decide I am just not that hungry after all.  I didn’t really need a study to prove to myself that if it’s not in the house, I am less likely to eat it!  But, it was nice to find out that my laziness was to my advantage according to the study!



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New Study Indicates Daily Exercise Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer

Getting more than an hour of physical activity each day can reduce women’s risk for breast cancer, as indicated by a new review of 37 studies which found regular physical activity to be beneficial for women of all ages and sizes.  The researchers, from the International Prevention Research Institute in Lyon, France, analyzed data from over 37 different studies, involving more than 4 million women. When compared with the women who got the least amount of physical activity, those who were most active reduced their risk for breast cancer by 12 percent, the review showed.Lady lifting weights

The research indicated that exercise reduced women’s risk for breast cancer regardless of their age or body mass index (a measurement based on height and weight). The researchers concluded the benefits of exercise are not due to weight loss alone or simply being active from a young age.  The study findings are important for all women of all ages and weights, and provides women with incentive to increase their physical activity by even modest increments.  Physical activity has already been shown to help protect against other forms of cancer and heart disease, the authors of the study noted.  

Live 2 B Healthy is on the forefront of the movement to help people add more activity into their lives.  It is a simple strategy to reduce the risk of various types of disease which currently have a very high cost, both to health care systems, patients and families.

Information for this article taken from the HealthDay article, “Daily Exercise Lowers Breast Cancer Risk” by Mary Elizabeth Dallas – ‎Friday‎, ‎March‎ ‎21‎, ‎2014